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Repair of electric motors working for AGNKS

We have been dealing with the creation of OOO Elektrtamir.

Repair of electric motors

Services for the overhaul of common industrial and special motors of electric motors of domestic and import production, including high-voltage ones.

Repair of power transformers

Electrical installation and commissioning. Repair and maintenance of transformers. Exit diagnostics and delivery. Warranty on all types of work.


Quality work, electric motors

The life of society and the individual can not be imagined without machines whose work is provided by electric current. There is no such industry or sphere where electrical equipment would not be used. His uninterrupted and high-quality work is a prerequisite for our safe living. But, regardless of the date of issue and mode of operation, equipment periodically need maintenance and repair.

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Сотрудничаем по разработки и внедрению в производства турбодетандерных установок, на территории Республики Узбекистан с ООО НПП «Газэлектроприбор».


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